Certificate Course in Fine Arts

Hobbies are essential part of every kid’s childhood. As a child, every one of us might have shown interest some or the other forms of art like drawing, painting, music, dance etc. It is not very common to take such hobbies to a career level. But with academies like Fine Line Art Academy, one can gather complete knowledge in the domain and if required can excel professionally as well. The academy is one of it kind pioneer art institute that enable students to get maximum knowledge imparted by well-researched team of experts within a given time frame. Apart from being a reliable Painting Institute in Delhi, the art academy has dedicated staff that provides appropriate and sufficient portfolio entrance preparation exam Pearl and several others. It has throughout several years, helped students from across the globe to achieve their dream. There is no better place to train for coaching for BFA entrance in Delhi. Annually the number of enrolments has shown a tremendous rise owing to the effective and extensive curriculum.

Why choose Fine Line Art Academy?

Incorporated years ago with an aim to provide valuable knowledge, the academy boasts of having trained numerous students so far. Irrespective of their educational backgrounds, the trainers have imparted knowledge base to graduates, undergraduates etc.

  1. It offers extensive Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam Pearl along with other exams
  2. The tutors are expert in the domain with years of relevant industry experience
  3. Practical hands on training along with sufficient classroom teachings are part of the curriculum
  4. Students on successful course completion are entitled to a certificate
  5. Class timings and fee structure are nominal and flexible as per the quality of education provided
  6. The renowned painting institute in Delhi, supports varied kind of hobbies in students to nurture it to an extent that it can be chosen as a possible career option in the future
  7. There is availability of diploma as well as certificate courses
  8. The academy boast of having skilled trainers who offers valuable Coaching for BFA Entrance in Delhi along with entrance exams like NIFT and many more

The academy being a unique endeavour has opened its door to everyone irrespective of age gender, educational background etc. the only required thing is the enthusiasm to go in detail about the course or subject. For entrance preparation as well, there can be no better destination than Fine Line Art Academy.


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