All Drawing & Painting Classes in Delhi

Art is a science that is acquired naturally by birth or by years of dedication. One must encourage kids to carry forward their interest in hobbies like drawing and painting.  One such academy that allows the students to engage in different art forms is Fine Line Art Academy. They offer reliable and cost effective oil/Acrylic Painting Classes in Delhi for students from different academic backgrounds and with a keen interest to learn the subject. They conduct well-researched Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi under the guidance and supervision of experts in the same field. Apart from guiding students in pursuing their hobbies as career, the academy also provides guidance for BFA Entrance Exam Preparation in Delhi as well. All these courses under this academy can be undertaken by anyone with interest and there is no issue related to academic background. The fee structure is quite affordable and the quality of teaching is also good.


Experts and professionals who have achieved success in the respective field conduct Oil/Acrylic Painting Classes in Delhi at Fine Line Art Academy 6 days a week. The focus is on providing a practical exposure rather than just concentrating on academic knowledge. Therefore, full practical training is offered to the students who enroll in the program. The ambience in the academy is quite friendly with all facilities in the classroom. The academy is well known for their Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi. This is imparted as a diploma course, which can be either completed in 1 year or 2 year as full time or part time as per convenience. The students who are part of this academic session are given hands on training in free hand drawing, objects and nature study, different techniques, indoor and outdoor sketching, designing techniques with forms positive and negative as well as with color, poster making, illustration and composition, typography, press layout, texture, Photoshop, coral drawing and many more forms of art. The students are exposed to gallery and exhibition visits as well with academic and informative slide shows to have a better and easy understanding of the concepts.


For effective BFA Entrance Exam Preparation in Delhi, the academy covers all aspects of the fashion sector that is required to get into any fine arts college. They also prepare to get admission in International colleges. The sessions include the following:

  1. Freehand drawing and sketching
  2. Still life drawing
  3. Life Drawing Human Study
  4. Composition using watercolor, oil pastels and pencil colors
  5. Live Sketch of a model
  6. Perspective Drawing

The final stage is the mock interview.


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