Certificate Course in Fine Arts

Hobbies are essential part of every kid’s childhood. As a child, every one of us might have shown interest some or the other forms of art like drawing, painting, music, dance etc. It is not very common to take such hobbies to a career level. But with academies like Fine Line Art Academy, one can gather complete knowledge in the domain and if required can excel professionally as well. The academy is one of it kind pioneer art institute that enable students to get maximum knowledge imparted by well-researched team of experts within a given time frame. Apart from being a reliable Painting Institute in Delhi, the art academy has dedicated staff that provides appropriate and sufficient portfolio entrance preparation exam Pearl and several others. It has throughout several years, helped students from across the globe to achieve their dream. There is no better place to train for coaching for BFA entrance in Delhi. Annually the number of enrolments has shown a tremendous rise owing to the effective and extensive curriculum.

Why choose Fine Line Art Academy?

Incorporated years ago with an aim to provide valuable knowledge, the academy boasts of having trained numerous students so far. Irrespective of their educational backgrounds, the trainers have imparted knowledge base to graduates, undergraduates etc.

  1. It offers extensive Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam Pearl along with other exams
  2. The tutors are expert in the domain with years of relevant industry experience
  3. Practical hands on training along with sufficient classroom teachings are part of the curriculum
  4. Students on successful course completion are entitled to a certificate
  5. Class timings and fee structure are nominal and flexible as per the quality of education provided
  6. The renowned painting institute in Delhi, supports varied kind of hobbies in students to nurture it to an extent that it can be chosen as a possible career option in the future
  7. There is availability of diploma as well as certificate courses
  8. The academy boast of having skilled trainers who offers valuable Coaching for BFA Entrance in Delhi along with entrance exams like NIFT and many more

The academy being a unique endeavour has opened its door to everyone irrespective of age gender, educational background etc. the only required thing is the enthusiasm to go in detail about the course or subject. For entrance preparation as well, there can be no better destination than Fine Line Art Academy.


BFA Entrance Exam in Delhi

Encouraging hobbies in kids is an essential step in shaping their future brightly. Every other parent must ensure that their kids are engaged in some of the other kind of hobby so that time can’t be wasted over television and mobile phones. Today, there are genuine trustworthy academies that understand the need for having a hobby and therefore provides for classes in subjects like drawing, painting, music, dancing and many more. One such effective and well-known name is Fine Line Art Academy that conducts cost effective and efficient oil painting classes in kaushambi for children of all age groups. Apart from oil painting classes, there are experts in the institution that are capable conducting genuine Acrylic Painting Classes in Preet Vihar as well. Such hobby classes encourage students to enhance their skills and capabilities, which will ultimately make them a better person. Also one can choose a career path based on such hobbies if required. For cost effective and friendly drawing and painting classes in Madhu Vihar, Fine Line Art Academy is a one-stop destination that is recognizable and recommended by one and all for being trustworthy and budget friendly.


Facts and information related to academy offering valuable Drawing And Painting Classes in Madhu Vihar

The art relevant academy provides for a place where students from different background can come together and work along with each other in a collaboratively organized studios to enhance their skills in painting and drawing. As a leading institution providing effective acrylic painting classes in Preet Vihar, the academy boasts of having skilled teachers who are experienced and experts in the respective domain. Therefore the knowledge imparted is of high value and significance. Also the fee structure for such Oil Painting Classes in Kaushambi is quite flexible and affordable to meet the requirements of every other student enrolled. Education is not limited to academics, but students are provided with hands on training along with practical knowledge in the domain to make students industry ready. Apart from hobby classes, there are entrance preparatory classes for fashion related exams. The academy does not put restrictions on educational background of the students. It opens its doors for undergraduates as well as graduate students. Based on preference, one can choose from the wide range of diploma and certificate courses. In every other course at the institution, technology and media plays a vital role in determining the course development.

Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam NIFT

Hobbies are part of every other individual. Everyone has some or the other hidden talents and they are quite eager to develop it to make it a potential career option. How often we choose a profession based on our hobby, very less. It is very promising and encouraging to choose a profession that somehow includes your hobby. This ensures that the work sector is easy and stress free. At Fine Line Art Academy, the mentors and guides encourages students to undertake hobby classes in painting, and other art forms so that they can have in-depth knowledge of the domain. They even allow students for Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam Pearl which enables them to take their career to an altogether a new level. The students are encouraged to practice 3D wall painting in Delhi at Fine Line Art academy under the guidance of expert lecturers and guest lecturers who are extremely dedicated in imparting valuable knowledge. The academy is similar to all drawing and painting classes in Delhi which allows students to work in close association with students having similar interests in organized studios.


The most promising part of the academy is that it is suitable for all levels of students be it an undergraduate or a graduate or even a post graduate. The students interested in undertaking 3D Wall Painting in Delhi must be enrolled in the academy to get trained in the course under the expert guidance of well trained and certified trainers and guest lecturers. The course curriculum is well laid out to ensure that students get in depth knowledge of the field.

The academy allows for easy and reliable Portfolio Entrance Preparation Exam Pearl which is highly affordable and trustworthy. On completion of the course one is entitled to get a valid certificate that can be used to pursue a successful career ahead. All Drawing And Painting classes in Delhi boasts of having well trained and affordable classes to encourage hobbies in one and all. Fine Line Art Academy is no different. It is one of a kind affiliated and certified institution that offers full time and part time diploma courses to all levels of students utilizing latest technologies and techniques.

All Drawing & Painting Classes in Delhi

Art is a science that is acquired naturally by birth or by years of dedication. One must encourage kids to carry forward their interest in hobbies like drawing and painting.  One such academy that allows the students to engage in different art forms is Fine Line Art Academy. They offer reliable and cost effective oil/Acrylic Painting Classes in Delhi for students from different academic backgrounds and with a keen interest to learn the subject. They conduct well-researched Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi under the guidance and supervision of experts in the same field. Apart from guiding students in pursuing their hobbies as career, the academy also provides guidance for BFA Entrance Exam Preparation in Delhi as well. All these courses under this academy can be undertaken by anyone with interest and there is no issue related to academic background. The fee structure is quite affordable and the quality of teaching is also good.


Experts and professionals who have achieved success in the respective field conduct Oil/Acrylic Painting Classes in Delhi at Fine Line Art Academy 6 days a week. The focus is on providing a practical exposure rather than just concentrating on academic knowledge. Therefore, full practical training is offered to the students who enroll in the program. The ambience in the academy is quite friendly with all facilities in the classroom. The academy is well known for their Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi. This is imparted as a diploma course, which can be either completed in 1 year or 2 year as full time or part time as per convenience. The students who are part of this academic session are given hands on training in free hand drawing, objects and nature study, different techniques, indoor and outdoor sketching, designing techniques with forms positive and negative as well as with color, poster making, illustration and composition, typography, press layout, texture, Photoshop, coral drawing and many more forms of art. The students are exposed to gallery and exhibition visits as well with academic and informative slide shows to have a better and easy understanding of the concepts.


For effective BFA Entrance Exam Preparation in Delhi, the academy covers all aspects of the fashion sector that is required to get into any fine arts college. They also prepare to get admission in International colleges. The sessions include the following:

  1. Freehand drawing and sketching
  2. Still life drawing
  3. Life Drawing Human Study
  4. Composition using watercolor, oil pastels and pencil colors
  5. Live Sketch of a model
  6. Perspective Drawing

The final stage is the mock interview.

BFA Entrance Exam Preparation in Delhi

Fine Line Art Academy is a well-established art institute, located at the heart of the capital city of Delhi. The academy offers reliable and cost effective courses including the much-appreciated Diploma in Fine Arts. The academy conducts regular classes for preparing students for BFA entrance exam in Delhi. The aim of the institute is to encourage students to take their hobby to the next level and they provide adequate support for the same.

This academy offers modern art painting classes in Delhi, which is highly appreciated and encouraged by both students and their students. The curriculum of this academy is well prepared as per the industry guidelines and professionals and experts in the same field carry this out. This enables the students to have practical exposure to the skills as well as hands on training from the industry experts as well. The academy boasts of being the one of its kind institute that provides skill training to both graduate as well as non-graduate students, by proper utilization of latest techniques and carefully designed academic pattern.

Diploma in Fine Arts is a course that can be completed either for 1-year duration or for 2-year duration. The course aims to refine and develop the skills in talented individuals. The students are made to understand the methods, techniques, materials that are updated with changing trends. Practical knowledge is imparted via means of workshops for introductory, intermediate, and advanced level students. As per the convenience, one can opt for 1 year or 2 year duration. Apart from diploma course, the academy is well known for nurturing talents in various skills like painting, oil painting as well as sketching. To provide a detailed insight to the skill, the academy offers Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi, which is also a diploma programme for 1 year, which can be undertaken either as full time or part time. The course enhances skills in students like the following:

  1. Free hand drawing
  2. Objects and Nature Study
  3. Different techniques of painting
  4. Designing with forms, colors, positive and negative
  5. Poster Making
  6. Illustration and Composition and many more

To top it all, the academy has one of the most well framed and widely recognized preparatory classes for BFA Entrance Exam in Delhi. The course enables students to cover all basic content that is required for any Fine Arts College as well as international Universities. The course includes learning free hand drawing and sketching, still life drawing, life drawing human study, composition, live sketch of model and at the end a mock test to analyse the level of understanding in students.

All Drawing & Painting Classes in Delhi

Fine Line Art Academy is an established fine art institute in Delhi that offers reliable and economical Certificate Course in Fine Arts. It is one of the most sought after and trustworthy art & crafts institute/classes in Delhi, which has been helping numerous students as well as artists in achieving their dream through their hobbies. There are non-diploma courses as well. As far as hobby classes are concerned, the institute offers economical and valuable oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi. The batch timings have flexible timings to suit the time of working professionals, homemakers, kids or college goers. The faculty that offers these courses is highly experienced in their respective domain and they design the curriculum in a very interactive manner in order to make it easy for the students to grasp things easily. The courses are very interactive in which the participating students work alongside each other in collaboratively organized studios, where students can engage themselves in activities like contemporary art, painting, sculpture and many more.


The courses are flexible and can be carried out by both undergraduate and graduate students. The renowned Art & Crafts Institute/Classes in Delhi offers programs of one year and two-year durations, which can be diploma or certificate course. The categories of certificate course in Fine Arts includes the following:

  1. Acrylic painting
  2. Oil painting
  3. Portrait painting
  4. Landscape painting
  5. Abstract art
  6. Still life painting
  7. Illustration

The academy offers flexible Oil/Acrylic Painting Classes in Delhi, which is conducted almost 6 days a week by experts in the same domain. Along with academics, practical knowledge is also imparted in the students to excel in the field. The staff guides the students to achieve placement in reputed firms. The ambience at the academy is very inspiring and musical with fully air-conditioned classrooms. Contemporary Indian conducts regular workshops and western artists with proper slide shows that make it even more interesting and understandable. The much in demand art & crafts institute/classes in Delhi, is functioning from a very prime location of Ghaziabad, which is very easily accessible from all over Delhi.

Developing Hobby into knowledge

 Hobby classes in Fine Arts are in great demand today. Young generation is sparing enough time to build their career based on their hobby. These hobbies may differ like dancing, singing, panting, instruments and many more. As a result of this changing trend, more and more academies are concentrating on offering hobby classes either on part time basis or as full time course. Fine Line Art Academy is one such place that offers one to be free and innovative to pursue a career in their respective hobbies. They are offering a program called Diploma in Fine Arts, which can be completed in a year or two either as a part time course or as a full time course. Apart from this the firm also holds special oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi, which is attended by a large number of students. Today not only the young lot, but also the parents are accepting the fact that hobby development is a positive approach of building a strong personality in their children.


Diploma in Fine Arts

Diploma in Fine arts is an acclaimed course of either one year or two years of duration, which can be completed as a part time course or as a full time course. The course enhances natural skills in an individual who are inclined towards fine arts. The course makes them adaptive to latest techniques, methods and materials that are used today. The course is meant for kinds of students who are at different levels of knowledge. The academy conducts introductory classes, workshops for intermediate as well as advanced level students. The course structure is also quite flexible that offers a thorough knowledge of different kinds of fine art forms with their technical features. All these are offered at a very economical and budget friendly price. Hobby classes in Fine Arts like this one nurtures the young and creative mind and sometimes a hidden talent is also exposed during such hobby classes.


Oil/Acrylic painting classes in Delhi

Fine Line Art academy has been offering oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi for some time now. The classes are meant to develop the interest in oil painting from beginners as well as experts. The academy offers hands on training in creative and applied arts through various workshops that give practical knowledge. Experts and professionals in the same fields design the curriculum, so that students gain expert knowledge of the painting technique that is in huge demand today. The fees for developing hobby classes in fine arts are quite affordable and fit the pocket.